The 5 Keys To Elevate Your Life Guide

Linda Orsini

Somatic & Spiritual Guide


Podcast Host

I guide spiritual seekers to awaken their highest selves through my “Circles of Love” community, Sound & Energy Healing, and the Emotional Freedom program.

Everyone’s got a story

Some are big but most are small and yet they keep you stuck in emotional angst and unease.

It’s time to break the cycle and let go by trusting and surrendering to your higher purpose.

Enough is Enough. If not now when?

What if you could just let that S#&IT GO?

Yes, you’ve made it this far but okay is not OKAY!

It’s time to RISE out of mediocrity and ELEVATE your life to live lighter and more FREE!

You went to school to learn to read and write but who taught you the skills to step into your power by connecting to the source of peace, love and joy within?

Thich Nhat Hanh says, “The main affliction of our modern civilization is that we don’t know how to handle the suffering inside us and we try to cover it up with all kinds of consumption.”

How are you avoiding, ignoring or drowning your unease?

Learn how to heal your old stories so that you too can be like the lotus flower and grow in the mud.

May 31 - June 2, 2024 & September 20 - 22, 2024

Are you tired of:

  • Reliving stuck emotions and events over and over in your mind?
  • Playing small when you know there is so much more to live for?
  • Feeling emotionally disconnected, stressed, anxious or fearful?

When you look at the span of your life to see how far you’ve come and what’s left how do you want to live?

Stuck and stale or purposeful and powerful?

I’ve been there and done that. I’ve got you!

Begin Here

Connect with your higher self to create profound personal growth that elevates all levels of your life.

Favourite Playlists

Looking for inspiration all in one place? Here are my favourite playlists that are continuously being added to.

Self-Compassion Playlist

Transformative Insights Playlist

Meditation Playlist

Spiritual Insights Playlist

"A Call For Love" Podcast

Everyone wants to be seen, heard, respected and loved.

Join the journey! Nourish not only your mind, body, and spirit but also your heart with fresh insights and empowering practices shared by both myself and other heartfelt guest speakers.

You have the power to live your life rooted in LOVE, transcending the lower vibrations of fear, anxiety, stress, and anger. Choose A Call For LOVE to feel and live better!

"Circles of Love"


Guiding women on their journey to awakening their highest selves through guided exploration, deep connections, and transformative healing.

Coming together to nurture each other in a loving, safe and supportive space is what feeds our soul and so I have created the "Circles of Love" experiences.

Why "Circles of Love" you may ask.

Circles symbolize unity, wholeness, eternity, protection, inclusion, spirituality, balance, and harmony and it is the first letter of my last name.

Love embodies compassion, unity, healing, and the highest universal vibration, symbolizing profound connection and growth. It's the core of my podcast, A Call For LOVE.

If this sense of community and connection, based on spiritual mentoring, speaks to your heart then we'd love to have you.

Reiki Sound Healing

Relax Restore Rejuvenate

Combine the healing power of energy and sound vibrations to revitalize from the inside out!

In Reiki Sound Healing, I combine the gentle energy of Reiki, which supports your body's natural healing abilities and restores balance, with the soothing practice of vibration.

Combined with sound healing, experience a beautiful form of energy medicine and vibrational therapy, that uses sound to harmonize and align your physical body, chakras, and energy fields.

Together, these healing modalities work from the heart to rejuvenate you from the inside out, nurturing your overall health, balance, and well-being.

Current Retreats

Fall Into Balance Retreat

Fri. Sept. 20 - Sun. Sept. 22, 2024

Craving time to move, create, connect and breathe surrounded by trees and fresh air?

Do you long for the inspiration of a supportive and compassionate community of like-minded souls?

Are you ready to be pampered with delicious, homemade, plant-based meals?

Immerse yourself in a WEEKEND of yoga, pilates, meditation, and connection, surrounded by the beauty of nature at The Retreat House in Blue Mountain, Ontario with Jodie Pappas and me.

I'mLinda Orsini

I have overcome emotional stress, fear, soul fatigue, and anxiety on my personal transformative journey. With over 30 years in education, I am highly trained in meditation, mindfulness, energy and sound healing, hypnotherapy, and yoga for deeper mind-body-spirit health and vitality. As the visionary founder of Global Wellness Education and the inspirational host of 'A Call for Love' podcast, I'm committed to guiding you in your healing journey from the inside out."

Linda's Certifications

Davidji 285 hr Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Training 2023

Hypnotherapist Certificate Training with The Krasner Institute 2023

smartEDUCATION Mindfulness & Resiliency Training 2019

Mindfulness Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Training 2012

Sound Healing Certificate 2019

Usui Reiki Master Practioner 2017

Crystal Reiki Master Teacher 2017

Yin Yoga Teacher Training 2018

Ariel Yoga Teacher Training 2017 in Costa Rica

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training 2015

250 hr Yoga Teacher Training 2014

Foundational Shamanic Training with Munay-Ki Rites 2022

Change your relationship with your thoughts & emotions to feel happier and healthier.

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