Question for you

Have you ever thought of transforming your relationship with your thoughts and feelings to feel more peace and joy?

Or, let me rephrase that …

What if, in just 6 weeks, you could change your relationship with your thoughts and emotions to create a calm mind and freedom from your inner critic and past grievances?

Change is constant. Life continuously expects you to navigate through emotional stressors such as inner child wounds, relationship conflicts, work-related pressures, and self-doubt, but guess what? You can live with a lighter heart.

If you want to learn how to let that S#&IT go and elevate your life …

Here is the problem

Heal the fear that keeps you small and awaken your highest self to turn your wounds into wisdom.

Transform your thoughts and feelings to create your personal power, purpose and passion.

Learn how to shift from:

Overwhelmed ➡ Balanced

Stressed ➡ Peaceful

Anxious ➡ Calm & Grounded

Fear ➡ Love

Exhausted ➡ Empowered

Stuck ➡ Liberated

Disconnected ➡ Fulfilling Relationships

People Pleasing ➡ Healthy Boundaries

Judgmental ➡ Self-Compassionate

Resentment ➡ Forgiveness

Can you imagine

Imagine transforming your relationships by diving deep into teachings and techniques to turn your triggers into treasures?

  • Lightness and Freedom: "It's only been six weeks since I started this journey, but already I feel so much lighter and happier. There's a newfound sense of freedom in knowing that I've done the work to let go of what no longer serves me. And the bonus? My relationships, particularly with my husband, have improved as a result of my inner growth and healing." Brenda Susar, March 2024

This is the transformation you can achieve.

If you're eager to unlock the secrets of healing toxic thoughts and emotions, so you can confidently IGNITE your PERSONAL POWER in life, at work, and in your relationships, then I have something extraordinary for you.


Emotional Freedom: Getting Unstuck

Live happier, healthier and wealthier in mind, body and spirit.

Here’s what my students are saying:

"I'm Brenda, a truth seeker on a lifelong journey of self-discovery and growth. I've always been drawn to unravelling the layers of my past and challenging the limiting beliefs that have held me back.

When I crossed paths with Linda her knowledge and down-to-earth nature resonated with me instantly.

I saw her not just talking the talk but genuinely walking the walk, handling challenging situations with grace and dignity.

You know that saying, 'When the student is ready, the teacher appears'? Well, that was exactly how I felt. I was ready for change, and Linda's Emotional Freedom: Getting Unstuck course seemed like the perfect opportunity to embark on that journey.

Throughout the course, Linda provided a wealth of tools and strategies to help me work through past triggers and challenges. Each lesson built upon the next, guiding me to confront and heal what needed to be healed. I found myself referring back to my notes whenever I felt triggered, knowing that with practice, these tools would become second nature.

I found a safe space to explore, learn, and grow by joining Linda’s course. I've gained invaluable insights and tools that have truly transformed my life. If you're ready to break free from what's holding you back and step into a happier, more fulfilled life, I highly recommend joining her course Emotional Freedom: Getting Unstuck."

Brenda Susor

"I am so grateful to have participated in the Emotional Freedom: Getting Unstuck course.

Through the course materials and guided meditations, I have gained a deeper understanding of the source of some of my limiting beliefs and can better notice when and how they manifest in my life.

This increased awareness has allowed me to take steps to raise my vibration to more positive thoughts and actions. I am already feeling the benefits.

As a bonus, I thoroughly appreciated Linda sharing her insights and stories to help me along the way.

Also, Linda's wonderful guided meditations provided me with a lovely opportunity to relax, reflect, and refresh. The inner child meditation moved me to tears. I felt as if I had forgotten everything about my early childhood, and this meditation helped me reconnect. It was very powerful.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to find more peace and joy."

Martha Brown

"Under Linda's guidance, I have witnessed a profound transformation within myself. Her Emotional Freedom teachings and techniques have equipped me with valuable tools to navigate through life's challenges, manage stress, and overcome anxiety. The practical insights and strategies she shared are practical, effective, and easy to implement.

What sets Linda apart is her genuine care for her students. She creates a safe and nurturing environment where everyone feels supported and encouraged. Her personalized approach and willingness to go the extra mile ensure that you receive the guidance and attention you need to thrive.

If you're seeking help in healing, stress management, or anxiety relief, I highly recommend checking out Linda and her Emotional Detox Course.

Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey that will empower you to live a happier, healthier life."

Jasmine Breezy

"I just completed the Emotional Freedom course with Linda and highly recommend this investment in yourself. The weekly reading materials are written so well and are understandable, with real-world examples. The meditations really elevated me to a higher state. Thank you, Linda, for helping me see myself in a much bigger light; for releasing my past stories and untruths, for teaching me to move forward and into My True Self, and for answering my "Call For LOVE."

Eileen Estrem

"Linda has gone above & beyond my expectations in guiding the Healing Emotional Fear, Stress & Anxiety Course. She leads with her heart. She provides tools to empower her participants on their journey to learn and grow to regain a deeper sense of awareness in taming their stressors. Through self-compassion practices, she guides participants to mindfully hold space for current behaviours & beliefs that can be healed to add balance and joy in one’s life.”

L.E. an Executive Emotional Intelligence Leadership Development Coach

“I signed up for Linda’s Stress & Anxiety course to help me with a life change which I wasn’t dealing with too well. Suffering physically, I signed up knowing from attending Linda’s other offerings in the past, I knew it would be a positive and safe place to learn.

It was more than I could have hoped for. Not only giving me skills to help me in this new life change but also some difficult situations that come up in our everyday lives.”

Diana Booth

I have been practicing mindfulness and meditation for several years when a friend mentioned this course. I was interested because it’s still difficult sometimes to find that space/breath before reacting to something.

This course was just what I was looking for. We went over our early years but not with judgment, only love and curiosity to see what we could learn. This was a first, and I found it truly enlightening.

For me, the final 2 classes were my true "aha" moments. Seeing how we can look at a troublesome incident with gentleness and love, no judgment but seeing why maybe we go through some of the things we go through.

This has given me a brand new perspective, and I am truly grateful.

I would recommend this course for anyone who is looking for that breathing space in their life to move forward.

I truly loved the course.

Lydia Thomas

Welcome to "EMOTIONAL FREEDOM: Getting Unstuck”

To break free from the emotional baggage that holds you back and keeps you stuck, it's crucial to explore the dimensions of your mind: perception, consciousness, and the lasting impact of childhood experiences on your self-image and beliefs.

Emotional Freedom: Getting Unstuck represents the culmination of several courses I have taught over the years, meticulously brought together to offer you the most up-to-date and comprehensive tools and techniques. These will empower you to develop deeper mental health and lasting happiness through the transformative power of self-awareness and self-compassion.

Course Overview:

Bonus Module: Set Your Intention

Living emotionally free and vibrant involves raising your vibration and understanding the levels of consciousness.

  • Learn about the difference between true power, linked to higher consciousness, and force, connected to lower consciousness, as explained by David R. Hawkins in 'Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior.
  • Understand how each level of consciousness has its own energy.
  • As spiritual beings made of energy, explore your true self to rise above negativity and embrace love, joy, and peace through mindfulness and awareness of life experiences.

Module One: Mastering Your Mind

Our minds yield incredible power, influencing our emotions and overall well-being in profound ways. In this module, you will:

  • Understand the influence and role of your unconscious mind, which makes up 90%, so that you can uncover how your past programming is affecting your current life experiences and reactions.
  • Discover the role of your logical and problem-solving conscious mind, which makes up 10%, so that you can harness this knowledge to maximize its potential for healthier decision-making and personal growth.
  • Learn how your mind's critical faculty filters and processes both your conscious and unconscious thoughts, so that you can help heal the emotions that are no longer serving you.

Module Two: Nurturing Your Inner Child

Marianne Williamson says your inner child wounds are not your fault but the healing is. Dive into this module to heal inner child wounds with self-compassion.

  • Embrace self-compassion as your own golden ticket to a journey of self-love, guiding you through life's twists and turns with empathy and kindness, strengthening your capacity for compassion for yourself and others.
  • Uncover the deep influence of your attachment style from ages 0 to 7 on adult relationships, embarking on a transformative path of self-awareness and fostering deeper connections rooted in love and empathy.
  • Learn the transformative power of embracing a beginner's mind, enabling personal growth and emotional freedom through self-awareness, mindfulness, and the cultivation of new perspectives.

Module Three: Who Am I?

We're more than just our bodies or the roles society assigns us. Deep within, we hold a profound essence that often gets overshadowed by the busyness of life. It's during challenging times that we're reminded to peel back the layers and reconnect with our authentic selves. In this module, you'll:

  • Embark on a heartfelt journey to understand your ego's role in your spiritual path, discovering how it can be both helpful and hindering. Learn to find a balance where it supports your higher self without impeding your progress.
  • Explore the question "Who am I?" as a journey leading you back to a deeper understanding of your true nature and reclaiming your authentic self that existed before societal imprints.
  • Delve into understanding how you instinctively protect yourself during challenging situations, exploring triggers, hidden memories, reasoning, and stepping out of your comfort zones.

Module Four: Your Deepest Desires

As my podcast, "A Call For Love," emphasizes, everyone wants to be seen, heard, respected and loved, which means creating the space to listen to the whispers of your heart and soul. In this module, you will:

  • Reflect on your thoughts and emotions with mindfulness to enhance self-awareness, enabling you to respond more thoughtfully to life's challenges, cultivate healthier relationships, and contribute to a more compassionate world.
  • Contemplate your deepest desires to foster clarity, purpose, and alignment with your authentic self, guiding you towards a more fulfilling and meaningful life.
  • Reconnect with the stillness and silence within you through the gift of meditation. The transition from a "human doing" to a "human being" to reconnect with the deepest and truest part of who you really are.

Module Five: Owning Your Impact

At our core we are whole and beautiful and yet our human experience gets in the way. In this module, you will:

  • Discover the transformative power of forgiveness as a gift you give yourself.
  • Acknowledge that while you may not be able to change events, you can control your responses to them, thereby transforming what no longer serves you into opportunities for healing.
  • Learn how to manage difficult situations and people, so that you can reduce emotional suffering.

Module Six: The H.E.A.L. Model

Finally, we explore the power of healing as an internal journey, emphasizing that where there's life, there's hope. In this module, you will:

  • H.E.A.L. Your Emotions for Lifelong Transformation, so that you can nurture your highest well-being.
  • H.E.A.L. Your Thoughts, so that you can release what no longer serves you.
  • H.E.A.L. Your Spirit, so that you can offer yourself self-compassion, recognizing that life is a journey, and you are the guiding light.

What makes the Emotional Freedom course different from everything else you have tried?

Emotional Freedom is a life-changing experience that offers a blend of neuroscience, modern personal development and ancient wisdom tailored specifically to empower you for lasting transformation, setting it apart from anything else you've ever experienced because it is practical and powerful.

Emotional freedom is not just a course; it's a purposeful path to transformation. The science and timeless wisdom behind it have been taught and shared by master teachers for generations.

What sets this program apart is that it brings all this knowledge together in one place, making it accessible for you to discover the emotional freedom that's been waiting for you.

Join us and embark on a journey that's both practical and proven – your key to lasting change and a life filled with joy and fulfillment.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock your true potential and emotional liberation.

Are you tired of dealing with the same old grievances that are keeping you stuck in the same old cycle of hurts?

Feeling emotionally triggered by events and experiences, unable to move forward once and for all?

When you join today, you’ll get:

That is a total value of $499

Over 50 % OFF

Your Price


  • a BONUS of an additional INTENTION SETTING module, designed to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION and inspire you.
  • 6 modules designed to free you from the limitations you may have placed on your sensitive heart during childhood, and perpetuated into adulthood
  • 25 lessons and over 150 pages of PDFs
  • 6 meditations I have specially created to support each module and theme
  • Skills and strategies to help you live emotionally healthier, wealthier, and happier in your mind, body, and spirit

Take a look at these bonuses

In addition to everything inside of Emotional Freedom, I’m also going to throw in 2 bonuses to give you a kickstart to release heavy emotions so that you can live with less worry and ruminating thoughts.

Five Steps to Setting Healthy Boundaries Workbook

7 Steps to Forgiveness:

The Gift You Give Yourself

Join it, Practice it, Grow from it


For those who are still hesitant, believe nothing will help or just don’t really know me all that well yet, I want to give you every opportunity to open up to the possibility that you can emotionally liberate yourself from unwanted fear, stress and anxiety from your life.

That’s why I want you to feel assured that you too can liberate emotional baggage that has prevented you from living lighter and happier.

Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you!

I'm Linda, and I'm here to offer you support and guidance on your journey to recognize the ways in which you may be carrying emotional burdens, whether it's in your relationships with others or, even more significantly, with yourself.

As a guide for emotional healing through meditation, Reiki energy, sound healing, and yoga, I've had the privilege of witnessing how confronting those overwhelming thoughts and feelings has often kept my students trapped in emotional pain.

Over the past decade in the field of healing arts, I've shared this transformative knowledge, and I'm excited to bring it all together in one place to empower you to reclaim control of your life by taking charge of your heart.

Through my work with countless individuals in classes, retreats, and past courses, I've personally seen the profound impact that delving into the 'how' and 'why' of our suffering can have. It empowers you to name your pain, claim your healing journey, and cultivate a deeper awareness and self-compassion.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with me!

I look forward to connecting with you inside.

Xo Linda

Linda's Accreditation

Davidji 285 hr Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Training 2023

Hypnotherapist Certificate Training with The Krasner Institute 2023

smartEDUCATION Mindfulness & Resiliency Training 2019

Mindfulness Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Training 2012

Sound Healing Certificate 2019

Usui Reiki Master Practioner 2017

Crystal Reiki Master Teacher 2017

Yin Yoga Teacher Training 2018

Ariel Yoga Teacher Training 2017 in Costa Rica

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training 2015

250 hr Yoga Teacher Training 2014

Foundational Shamanic Training with Munay-Ki Rites 2022

You have questions.

I have the answers.

How long is the course?

6 weeks, with a bonus of an additional INTENTION SETTING module, designed to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION and inspire you.

How long is each module?

Each module is broken down into lessons. I suggest you read, reflect and practice each lesson before moving on to the next.

Is there homework?

There is a moral commitment to:

•Dive into the soulFULL lessons to educate, inspire, and hold space to heal through each intention for transformation.

•Daily journaling for 5-10 minutes

•New weekly meditations that complement each module.

What is the investment?

I have offered this course in person 3 times and for the first time virtually from January to February 2024. I am now making it available as a self-study course that you can work through at your own pace for the regular price of $222.

When does it start?

When you sign up! Remember: the only moment is now, and it's the best place to begin. Take the leap and invest in yourself to be the best version of YOU.

What if I want extra support?

While working through the course, if you require extra support, please reach out. Remember, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." Send me an email at

Still undecided?

This course is for you if ….

  • You’re seeking personal growth and self-improvement, this transformative course empowers you to unlock your full potential and thrive.
  • You’re looking to make both significant and subtle changes in your life, Emotional Freedom acts as your catalyst for profound transformation and lasting positive impact.
  • Your goal is to break free from old habits and patterns that no longer serve you, this course will guide you toward liberation and a life filled with renewed purpose.
  • You wish to release limiting beliefs and stories that hold you back, Emotional Freedom helps shatter those barriers, unlocking your personal power, purpose and passion.
  • You’re dealing with anxiety and seeking solutions, this course provides powerful tools to conquer anxiety and embrace peace.
  • You’re interested in spiritual mentoring and self-discovery, you'll be led on a journey of profound inner awakening and connection.

Start Your Emotional Freedom Today and Take Advantage Of This Special Pricing

When you join today, you’ll get:

That is a total value of $499

Over 50% OFF

Your Price


  • a BONUS of an additional INTENTION SETTING module, designed to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION and inspire you
  • 6 modules designed to free you from the limitations you may have placed on your sensitive heart during childhood, and perpetuated into adulthood
  • Over 20 written lessons and PDFs
  • 6 meditations I have specially created to support each module and theme
  • Skills and strategies to help you live emotionally healthier, wealthier, and happier in your mind, body, and spirit

Take a look at these bonuses

In addition to everything inside of Emotional Freedom, I’m also offering you

2 bonuses to get you inspired. These sharings are close to my heart.

May you read them, practice them and live them.

From my heart to yours.

Linda Xx

Five Steps to Setting Healthy Boundaries Workbook

7 Steps to Forgiveness:

The Gift You Give Yourself

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