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soothe your tender heart

Close your eyes and be guided into a healing meditation to centre your tender heart. By the end of this 24-minute meditation, you'll feel a 'meditation halo' of tranquillity and peace surrounding you.

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What my clients say after listening:

"I felt like my whole body was sinking into the earth. I felt so safe and grounded."

"Instantly, my whole body relaxed, and I could feel a softness around my heart."

"I felt like my body was asleep, yet interestingly, my mind was alert. I could hear your words but felt like I was drifting on a cloud."

"I fell asleep, is that wrong?" (FYI, this is not bad; it just means your body needs more rest.)

How will this meditation help me let go of difficult emotions?

You will be guided to release the weight of the world. Much of our unease stems from our thoughts. Your mind houses the ego, while your heart connects with your higher self. By meditating on your heart centre you connect with the space inside you that is peaceful, calm and whole.

How can I meditating when my mind is so restless?

This is precisely why I created this meditation – to help you let go of the chatter in your mind and embrace a heartfelt connection within yourself thourhg some stillness.

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