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Align your professional and personal potential with thoughts, emotions, and energy that boost your mental and physical health. Discover new strategies to release stress and overwhelm, and empower resilience.

Success Stories

“From our initial engagement with Linda to the day she led the session, Chaos to Calm, our team was extremely pleased with her professionalism and expertise in the process of creating a session for Stress Release. Linda asked about the dynamics of our company in order to provide the best support for our needs. She provided excellent suggestions for what she could offer and tailored the session to fit our one-hour Town Hall meeting.

She diligently explained all aspects of her session and how practices for health and wellness would benefit our employees. The format was geared to all levels and it was presented virtually. Linda provided valuable information on what stress is, how it shows up, and how we can work through it. She demonstrated this by engaging all our members with clear and practical strategies for stress release, whether in the office or at home. She was extremely thoughtful in her delivery and ensured participants were actively involved, allowing for questions and feedback.

Once the session was delivered, our employees' feedback was positive. First, that it was a great session and secondly, they appreciated the tools to takeaway and practise on their own. In truth, if we could have her in house we would!”

Rani Padda | Executive Assistant| IPEX Management

"Inspiring and Compelling"

We recently had Linda speak at our monthly CFUW, Canadian Federation of University Women, Oakville division zoom meeting. She connected so well with our members and spoke with ease sharing some insightful parables that aligned with her presentation. She is an inspiring and compelling speaker and the feedback from our group has been fabulous. She created a very relaxed and safe setting and taught us some relaxation and meditation strategies to help us "age with grace.” Thank you Linda! We look forward to watching your podcasts.

Susan Stavin I Program Chair of CFUW Oakville

"Powerful Tips on How to Manage Stress"

Linda used facts and relatable information to engage each member during our Release Stress to Increase Resiliency session. Her passion on the topic was extremely evident and she used this to share powerful tips on managing stress to become more resilient both personally and professionally. After the session, I received very positive feedback from my team about how helpful the information was for their role as Financial Advisors. Since the workshop, several members have share with me how they used Linda’s tips and techniques to deal with stressful situations more effectively. It was definitely time well spent. In fact, it was so beneficial and helpful that three more divisions in Co-operators hired her to speak to their teams. Linda really knows her material and presents it well.

Valerie Chapin | District Manager Niagara Thames District | Co-operators

"Surpassed all Expectations"

"After a team building focused day, our last scheduled activity was a mediation session with Linda Orsini. It was the most wonderful way to end our day by focusing on our strengths and reminding ourselves the importance of self care as we take care of others. Linda took the time to request and understand each of our intentions before the session, tailored our session to meet those intentions, wrote and shared a beautiful poem for our group, as well as picked out crystals to help reiterate the strength of each stone to assist us in our intentions. Linda surpassed all expectations I had of her or the session with her engagement, level of preparation, sincere interest in our intentions and our group. Not only would I highly recommend Linda for individual sessions or classes but also private group sessions either on-line or in-person.”

Kathy R

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